Monday, February 22, 2010


Weimaraners - 12 x 16 inch oil on panel

Have you ever had one of those times where you started a project and it went so well that you could not stop?
That's the way this one went.
I planned on sketching out the Weimaraners tonight and just transfering them to the panel.
That went so well that I said why not start the background.
I went with a more loose and simple background as to draw more attention to the dogs.
It went so well that I then said why not start on the dog pointing....
Well you know the rest of the story.
So here is the finished painitng for the "Weim and Cheese Fundraiser" being held by the Weimaraner Rescue of the South.

No I'll let it dry, frame it and get it to them this week.
I hope that it does well for them.


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